Im Betty Russell. This is my page. The reason i did this website was because, I love singing.(: Its my passion, it always has been. Ive wanted to be a singer since i was about four. Im ganna put videos, of me singing on here, And i would love it if you watched them. Those are on the next page.  Well there will be videos of me singing on here in a couple of days(: And sent me comments, which you can do that if you scroll down to the bottom of this page.  There will be some videos of me on youtube as well, so comment. Ahaa. There will be pictures, and games. On this website also. Oh and the way to get to videos, photos, games & such just click the links above the photo above this. (: Alright, thanks.

Why do i love singing.? Because it gives me more pride and confidence in myself. I really just love it. Without it, i dont know what id do. This may sound stupid, but singing is like a friend. But this is a friend that never leaves my side, and never will.(: Its just what i do best.

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